Custom Jewelry

If you want a truly one of a kind piece to cherish for a lifetime, you have come to the right place. Whether you need to have some gemstones or diamonds mounted, or just want to design the “ring of your dreams”, we will take your idea from concept to reality!

Designing a Custom Piece of Jewelry

  • Sketched drawings are created, to make sure the design meets the desired look and size.
  • Once the designs are finished, a wax carving is made, which helps you visualize the size of the finished piece.
  • Once the wax carving is approved by the customer, the wax carving is used to make the mold for the custom piece.
  • From the mold, comes the metal casting or the piece in gold, silver or platinum.
  • The gemstones are set, and the piece is polished to a perfect finish.
  • Once polished and perfected, the piece is ready to be worn and enjoyed!

Colored Gemstones

Unfortunately, many people these days have never experienced true genuine colored gemstones. A pure genuine sapphire or emerald is not something people get to see anymore. This is why we find it important to carry the best and most vibrant colors in our store. By carrying genuine colored gemstones, our customers can pick and choose exactly what they want.

We can take your idea and create an outstanding piece of jewelry that will last for generations; a family heirloom.

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